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Website Renewal

Website Renewal Fee Terms and Conditions
Renewal Fee Overview

For all website packages offered by The Business Toolkit, including Custom-Built, Landing Page, Multi-Page, and E-Commerce, a mandatory renewal fee of $200 is applicable. This renewal fee ensures the continuous operation and efficiency of your website, covering essential services and features such as:

  1. Domain Name Annual Renewal: Securing your website’s unique address on the web.
  2. Cloud Server Web Hosting: Providing reliable and scalable hosting solutions for your website.
  3. SSL Encryption Certificate Renewal: Ensuring your website’s data is encrypted and secure.
  4. Custom Email/s: Offering branded communication options for your business.
  5. Web Storage: Allocating space for your website’s data and content.
  6. Mantenimiento y Actualizaciones: Keeping your website up-to-date with the latest web advancements and security measures.
  7. Priority Technical Support: Offering prompt and efficient technical assistance when needed.

Domain Name Management

It is essential to note that the renewal fee remains non-negotiable and is not subject to discounts, even if the client independently owns the domain name and pays for its renewal through another provider. The Business Toolkit waives any fees associated with the technical process of pointing the domain name to our cloud hosting server, which is a critical step in hosting and managing your website effectively. This policy ensures that all clients benefit from our comprehensive hosting and maintenance services, regardless of their domain name’s registration and renewal arrangements.

Mantenimiento y Actualizaciones

Our maintenance and updates service is dedicated to keeping your website performing optimally, adapting to the latest web standards and technologies. This includes regular updates to your website’s components, ensuring responsiveness across devices, and compliance with web standards.

Minor Updates Policy

We offer flexibility with minor updates, which are defined as changes requiring less than 10 minutes of development time. Up to three minor updates per year are permitted without additional fees, on a case-to-case basis. This policy supports minor adjustments efficiently, without extra costs.

Beyond Minor Updates

Updates exceeding the minor update threshold will be billed based on a fixed or hourly rate, considering the project’s scope. Charges for significant updates or enhancements are determined on a case-to-case basis, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Agreement to Terms

By utilizing our website services, you agree to these terms and conditions. Our commitment is to provide high-quality service and support, ensuring your website is a valuable asset for your business. For questions or further clarification, please contact our support team.

Subscription Renewal and Billing Errors Clause
In the event that an annual subscription renewal fails due to a billing error such as a cancelled credit card or similar reasons, the following policy will apply:

  1. Grace Period: We will keep your website live for a grace period of 10 days following the failed renewal attempt.
  2. Website Shutdown: On the 11th day after the failed renewal attempt, the website will be completely shut down and removed from our data-centers.
  3. Backup Retention: We will retain a backup of the website for a period of 90 days from the date of the shutdown. During this period, the website can be restored upon payment of the renewal fee.
  4. Data Deletion: Beyond the 90-day retention period, we are not responsible for any website files as they will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.
  5. Service Interruption Risks: This shutdown risks the permanent interruption of associated services, including domain name, emails, storage, SSL certificate, and any other related services.

Annual Renewal Unsubscription

If a client unsubscribes from our website annual renewal, The Business Toolkit will not participate in any updates, fixes, maintenance, or any other form of support. This is due to it being outside the scope of our liability, compensation, and protection policies. Clients who unsubscribe are fully responsible for managing their own website maintenance and updates.