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How To Grow Your Business on Instagram?

Instagram hits the headlines as the world’s most visited app with billion of active users.  Instagram ecommerce integration becomes increasingly attractive for businesses as for many brands, Instagram is the best way to promote some products.

How to set up Instagram shop? How to boost Instagram posts to reach wider audiences? Below we suggest 3 strategies to develop Instagram companies’ accounts that keep business going and customers engaged.

How To Grow Your Business On Instagram? Create Proper Content!

Along with a quality promo pic for Instagram and a descriptive caption, mind new content types on Instagram and introduce them to sell products and increase your audience engagement.

Below are 3 tips to help make your content on Instagram appealing:

Use Shoppable Posts

Instagram gives an opportunity to create shoppable images and let customers shop without leaving their Instagram app. This tool drives additional traffic directly from your ecommerce Instagram posts, enabling you to stay connected with your customers and reach a whole new audience pool.

Publish Effective Stories

Do not underestimate Instagram’s story feature. Here are some of the most sales-driving but often missed out ideas for this type of Instagram posts to advantage your web store:

  • User-generated content (UGC). Repost UGC, like your customers’ photos, reviews, and comments to your stories. UGC is a great way to get original content from almost any Instagrammer profile for free and easily, as well as attract public attention.
  • Instagram live stream. Launch a live stream to showcase a new product or conduct a special event to promote your web store and involve your followers in a conversation. Instagram live shopping works incredibly well.
  • Q&A sessions and voting. Reach out to your audience with a Q&A session or voting. Showing people that their opinions matter and queries are not going to be left without a response is a good way to the Instagram boost. People appreciate it when brands on Instagram communicate with them directly.

Create Special Offers and Promotions

Eye-catching, tempting seasonal offers and time-limited Instagram live sales awake the desire to shop right now and right here. You can announce seasonal sales or launch coming soon Instagram post – such deals often go viral and bring repeat customers to your business.

How To Increase Instagram sales? Pay Attention to Analytics!

A business account on Instagram provides access to analytics that you can use during your store setup. You can get valuable insights into the minds of your current customers and learn about “passer-bys” who might be your potential followers and buyers.

Important Metrics to Track for Instagram Boost

  • Interactions. Have you ever wondered: “What does profile visits mean?” Interactions indicator helps to deal with this issue. It tracks actions that the users take coming across one of your posts. Interactions include likes, comments, direct visits to your profile, use of your email, and a phone call button. They help understand if your content resonates with your customer base.
  • Follows. This metric shows the number of followers you get from a particular post. The more followers you get, the more potential buyers are among them.
  • Impressions. Impressions reflect how many times your post was viewed. Additionally, you can see the posts viewed from hashtags and posts viewed from your profile. This option helps to figure out the most effective ways to market your products .
  • Saves. This is the total number of accounts that have your post saved. The more saves you get on a post, the more people it will be shown to, according to the algorithm.
  • Follower hours & days. Analyze this metric to understand when your followers are most active and make your publications at the best time.

How to Set up Instagram Shop and Integrate it into Your Online Store?

A market research company Global Web Index showed that it is a top social network in terms of researching products. This is why the integration of your Instagram account with your ecommerce website has the potential to considerably elevate your marketing.

The most commonly used ways to connect your online store with Instagram include:

  • Embedded tools. They serve to link a particular post to your website. By using embedded tools, you are allowed to embed only one individual post. Changing or updating an embed post in your e-store requires editing the embed link.
  • Widget generators. Widgets are suitable for WordPress users, allowing for drag-and-dropping necessary posts .
  • Third-party plugins. They can provide access to individual posts and to the entire profile page. Additionally, plugins help to design your web store’s gallery with the latest updates.
  • Custom Extensions. Custom solutions help to fully integrate your feed with web stores based on Magento CMS.

People come to social media to get inspired, to explore trends, and discover new products. Being integrated with your web store, a profile makes a perfect shopping window extending the audience reach and boosting sales.

If you need a helping hand to promote your business on social media, contact us and together we will work out a solution for your business.


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