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Take advantage of your spanking new animated logo and utilize on all social media platforms for increased brand awareness. You’ll definitely have the edge on competitors and your animations will spectacularly stand out. With the added motion to your logo, you’ll be creating milestones along the way.







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The logo animation consists of 1 final logo animation video that is created. We will present 1 draft at a time and collaborate together until perfection is achieved. 

The confirmed and final social media cover design will be emailed to you in all the files and formats for social media uses. This includes .MP4 & .MOV files.

Our world-class reputation resonates on our ability to create masterpieces from scratch. Thus, no templates but fully custom. We only require you to fill the forms after clicking “Start Now” to the best of your abilities and as detailed as possible. Additional details will be discussed during the scheduled consultation after your order is submitted. 

You get 100% full copyright ownership of the final and confirmed design. Every finalized design is fully copyright-owned by the client when the files are emailed to them. The Business Toolkit holds all rights of any unconfirmed design drafts. 

Timeline can vary based on the package chosen. The project timeline can also vary based on revisions and complexities until the final design is confirmed.  

Of course! We believe that with great design, there must be even greater communication. After your design details are submitted, expect a phone call within 12-24 hours from your dedicated Executive Branding Consultant, where you’ll strategize the best styles, layouts, color schemes, and more to achieve the perfect design.

What if you do? Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We don’t just design and send files, we listen to your ideas and concerns through verbal phone consultations and more. Each package contains a set number of revisions which means after we present you the first draft, we can revise the design until it’s perfect. Through thousands of designs and customers, we have tested & proven to always finish with a satisfactory outcome on both ends. How? Because anything short of perfection is unacceptable

Great question. The logo animation has from 1-2 revisions available based on the package chosen.