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Logo Design Mistakes to avoid

Embarking on a logo design journey? Avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for success with our comprehensive guide on logo design mistakes to avoid. From amateur blunders to overlooked details, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to craft a standout logo that captivates your audience and elevates your brand. Let’s dive in and ensure your logo makes a lasting impression for all the right reasons

1. Don’t Make your logo design Too Detailed

The first don’t when designing a logo is to understand what is the logo function, and it’s to represent your brand and help the viewers to associate it with your brand values and products, that is why the first rule when designing a logo is to make it as simple as possible, that is why you should avoid creating too complex or detailed logos as they will be more difficult for the viewer to memorize at the same time that they will look ugly in small sizes or one-color tint.

A really useful tip for designing simple and minimalist logo designs is to start designing it only using one color and once you have finished adding your brand colors, using this technique you will avoid saturating your design with too many elements or colors. Another useful tip  to design minimalist logos is once you have finished your design try to remove elements from your logo that will no affect the main message.

2. Stay Consistent (Don’t Change Your Logo Constantly)

The function of a good logo design is to stay timeless and make your brand recognizable through times, that is why you should keep your logo as much as possible and if it’s already perfect don’t touch it to keep your brand consistent and assure your brand logo is recognizable.

If you keep changing your brand logo constantly this will confuse customers as they will not recognize your brand if you have made drastic changes over and over. And don’t forget that when you make a logo rebrand you also can make minor changes to make it better keeping the same look and feel of the original without making drastic changes

3. Copy Other Brand’s Logo

The whole purpose of making a good logo design is to make your brand relevant and differentiate it from your competitors, that is why this don’t is very logical, don’t copy other brands as you will fail into the first logo design goal as you will not be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

By copying already existing brands you will also get a lot of negative publicity and can have legal problems with copyright so don’t copy other brands, taking inspiration from other designers and brands is good and necessary but be yourself and showcase your unique brand values.

4. Follow Trends

Graphic design is an always changing industry and it’s important to stay informed about new trends or appearing styles, some of these trends can become statements and stay for a long but many of them will disappear the next year, that is why is better to avoid following these trends when designing your brand symbol because it can become obsolete really fast.

Instead of just following graphic design trends get inspired by them but keep focused on what you want with your logo design and what are the brand values and message you want to transmit with it.

5. Be Too Literal

Think about an airplane company, how many companies you know are using an airplane in their design? too many right, if you are too literal with your design and incorporate obvious elements you can easily fall into creating a boring and ordinary logo design that will not help you differentiate from your competitors.

Be more creative in design a brand and explore different ways to transmit your purpose and brand values without being too literal, you can use color psychology and shape psychology to transmit different feelings.

6. Use Too Many Fonts

As already mentioned in this post, every font has its own meaning and character that is why if you use too many fonts for your logo design you can create a confusing message for the viewer at the same time that you fall into the first don’t by adding too many elements to your logo.

There is a golden rule when choosing fonts for your design project and it’s to keep the maximum amount of fonts to two, and for designs, you can use only one and play with weight and size.

7. Forget About White Space

White space or negative space is a really powerful tool in graphic design as it is also a design element you can use for your logo design. think about brands like FedEx or NBC that applied this technique directly into their brand logo and the result is great.

At the same time don’t forget about macro white space, giving your design room to breathe and having distance from other visual elements will make it more visible and give your logo more importance and emphasis.


Hope you find this post useful and get inspired by these easy design tips that will make your design project look professional and clean just by applying these techniques and strategies.

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