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What should you invest in first? Social Media or Website?

The big question of the year is social media vs. website

With hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs starting new business accounts on social media, there is no doubt that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter have become essential to small business marketing and growth.

So the new questions we need to be asking are:

  • How important are websites for small businesses anyway?

  • Will websites become obsolete?

  • And will social media replace websites?

The general consensus seems to be that websites aren’t going anywhere.

While social media accounts are certainly powerful tools for your small business, there is value in a website that social media just can’t provide. 

So what makes a website so valuable that it cannot be replaced by your social media account?


1. You don’t own your social media, but you do own your website.


Think about how much time you’re investing in a platform that doesn’t actually belong to you.

Your Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter accounts are owned by someone else. 

This means that your social media accounts could be shut down, blocked, or censored at any time, and as a small business owner, there is nothing you can do about it.

When Instagram and Facebook crash, it may seem like your business is in jeopardy. But with alternative marketing methods, such as a website, you can ensure a resilient online presence.

When you launch a new website for your business, you own that online platform.

This means you’ll never lose your website content, never worry about it being shut down or blocked, and you can share whatever you like here.


2. Your website is your strongest digital marketing tool.

Both websites and social media are powerful marketing tools. However, one of the reasons a website is considered your strongest digital marketing tool is because it allows you to utilize the function of SEO.

Instagram and Facebook are great avenues to share content with new audiences who otherwise may not find you, but they are still limited to an audience who is only engaged on that social platform.

This puts a limit on your reach compared to search platforms like Google.

A website, being your strongest digital marketing tool, allows you to market your business through SEO, copywriting, and branding. 

SEO is a process that takes skill and strategy and is something you can consistently improve upon, whereas much of social media marketing success is dependent on popularity, metrics, and the Instagram algorithm gods.

3. A website utilizes a sales funnel to improve your lead to sales conversion.

While social media can provide some great content including gorgeous images and thoughtful captions about your business and services- this is really only the first step of your sales funnel.

Think about it. When you first land on an Instagram feed that inspires interest in a brand, your next thought is usually wanting to learn more about this business and what services they provide. And usually, when you want to get serious and learn more about a business, you go to their website.

This means that Instagram and Facebook are great avenues to attract potential clients and draw in your audience, but your website is really where you’re going to close your sale. 

So without a website, what’s the next step? DM you for info? Sure.

But, is this the professional way that you want to represent yourself and your business? And for how long can you keep up with these DM’s with no project management system to streamline your responses?

This is another reason why websites are vital for small businesses. They provide a professional and streamlined platform that potential clients can come to for more information about you and your services. This is where the continue to engage in your sales funnel. 


This sales funnel will strategically lead your clients through the pages of your website that they need to see in order to make a sale.

Then, at the end of the funnel, your website can provide a place where these clients can get in touch with you or purchase from you- via a contact form, scheduling an appointment, or purchasing a product from you.


While social media is great for capturing leads, Instagram and Facebook just don’t have a system where you can create a customized sales funnel to close sales like website can.


4.Websites position you as a professional and separate you from the side-hustlers and hobbyists.


While social media accounts are great marketing tools, they simply don’t cut it when it comes to positioning yourself as a professional.

Certainly, you can beautifully curate your Instagram feed and provide informative captions that offer great value, but how can someone quickly find your office hours or learn about your process?

When someone asks for more information about your business, referring them to your Instagram profile doesn’t give them the info they want to know about your services, credentials, pricing, packages, or even how to get in touch with you.

This is another reason why a website is vital for your small business.

A website is a professional online platform that takes your business a step (or two) above the hobbyists in your industry.

A website provides information about your business and services in an organized fashion that is easy for potential clients to navigate. It also provides a way for these clients to easily get in touch with and book with you.

A website evokes feelings of trustworthiness and stability.

This is because websites are an investment in both your time and money. This shows that you’re serious about what you do and you’re not going anywhere soon. Clients can rely on you for these reasons.

On the flip side, a social media account is free and one can initiate or terminate it at any time. This might be perceived as a lack of commitment.


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