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Responda estas preguntas detalladamente. Una vez completadas, espere la llamada telefónica de su consultor asignado dentro de las siguientes 12 horas para analizar y diseñar una estrategia para su marca.

As a BBB accredited business, we take payment in advance to protect us both, as we provide full copyright ownership of the final design as intellectual property and privacy of your company’s information and ideas. Our team is comprised of the best 1% talent in the world, and securing your payment gives us confidence to output our best resources and that you’re as serious as we are.

What if you do? Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We don’t just design and send files, we listen to your ideas and concerns through verbal phone consultations. Each package contains a set number of revisions which means after we present to you the first draft, we can revise with a minor edit or a completely different concept. We want you to be happy because that’s our goal and you’re a representation of our success. We always go beyond and extra no matter what and in most cases, without extra charges because anything short of perfection is unacceptable.

Remember our 72 hours turnover guarantee? Close your eyes and think about the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. If he had to paint 3 perfect paintings within 72 hours, he would put 1/3 of his time into each (sounds fragile). This is why we work with one concept at a time because we want to dedicate 100% of our time, best resources and skillset into creating the prefect design. After we send each draft, we touch bases with you. If you love it immediately (99% of our clients), we finalize. If not, we discuss how we fell short and revise the design to ensure you’re satisfied. That’s how perfection is created!