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How to create a winning social media strategy: A 7-step guide

It’s no secret that a strong social media strategy is crucial to the success of any business in today’s competitive landscape. So what goes into creating a winning social media plan? Well, it starts with understanding that the “right” approach differs from company to company. And then, crafting an approach tailored specifically for yours.

So, sharpen those pencils and get out your notebooks. In this post, we’re about to school you on all things related to crafting an awesome and effective social media strategy.


Social Media

1. Establish your social media strategy goals

Not sure where to start when it comes to your social media strategy? No problem. Start by figuring out what you want to achieve: it can be anythin     g from creating brand awareness, generating leads, boosting customer engagement, or even all three options.  

Once you establish those goals, devising a winning plan for success is easy. Do whatever works for you: posting eye-catching content, taking advantage of paid campaigns to target new followers, or even keeping up with the latest trends that affect your industry. This is how you’ll be able to make the most of your social media marketing efforts.

2. Create an engaging profile picture that represents your business

Once the goals are established, a winning social media strategy begins with a profile picture that represents your business in the best light possible. Your profile picture is the face of your business, so you should make it interesting, memorable, and engaging.

If you have a physical location like an office or retail storefront, an image of it can be an effective visual representation of the company. Or if you have unique products or services, take a photo showcasing those items coupled with branding elements like colors and logo placements. These strategies will help create an engaging profile picture that prospective customers will draw them in and attract attention from potential clients.

3. Identify your target audience and connect with them

The best social media strategy always begins with identifying your audience. Who are they? What do they like and what content do they consume? You should be looking at demographics such as age, gender, and location. Also, you must consider more specific social cues like interests, hobbies, and beliefs. 

Once you have a good sense of who your target audience is, the most important thing to remember is to connect with them. Think of it like chatting with friends: How can you make people feel comfortable enough to explore or invest in your product? Taking the time to get to know people on social leads to successful long-term relationships. And that’s something any business will want.

So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Knowing who your customers are will help you create meaningful connections and eventually increase conversions.

4. Know what content to post on social media, and when to post it

Knowing what content to post on social media and when to post it is like a dance. Every once in a while, you get the rhythm just right and your posts receive lots of love. But don’t worry if it takes you a few tries before you find that sweet spot. Experimenting with content types, knowing when your audience is most engaged, and discovering the best times for posting are all part of the fun.

To help you out, take advantage of built-in scheduling tools that can determine the best times to post. Also, these tools can provide useful insights into how your posts are performing. That way, you’ll discover soon enough a groove that works for you and your followers.

5. Interact with your followers to keep them engaged

Getting people to talk, share, and like your social media posts can be a winning social media strategy. After all, engaging with your followers is the best way to build relationships and get them excited about your content. 

Instead of letting the conversation pass you by, why not have some fun? Try doing polls to ask what they think or post a special offer just for them. Doing this will show that your brand is attentive and listening, giving everyone a human and approachable feel. 

Also, why not go one step further and draw in crowd participation? Ask for their ideas, or create hashtag campaigns for lots of shared engagement. Whatever you do, don’t forget to keep it light-hearted. You can even use some humor to break the ice.

6. Incorporate fun and visuals into your posts for maximum engagement

Crafting a winning social media strategy is no easy feat, but incorporating fun and visuals can make it more interesting. When you sprinkle in interactive elements like polls, GIFs, or viral videos, you’ll see an uptick in engagement and user interactions. 

Visuals help draw people into posts and get them excited about engaging further. A well-designed infographic will capture potential followers’ attention from a news feed that is overflowing with content. Also, having fun with your posts helps humanize your brand and increase positive sentiment toward it. So if you want to get the most out of your social presence, inject some authenticity, humor, and eye-catching visuals into your posts.

7. Monitor your social media engagement and measure your results

With the right social media strategy, it can be really easy to measure just how successful you are at engaging with your audience. Keeping a close eye on things such as likes, shares, and comments will help you get a better picture of how well your content is being received. And subsequently, how effective your social media strategy is. 

Also, paying attention to social media analytics provides valuable insights into what resonates with your followers. By doing so, you’ll have information for your future social media content. So go ahead and monitor that social media engagement: you’re sure to find yourself reaping the rewards.


To sum things up, creating a winning social media strategy is essential to give your brand an edge. It’s important to understand the power of utilizing social media channels, which will have a lasting effect on reaching your desired goals and objectives. And don’t forget, consistency and knowing your people are key when selecting a platform to use. 

Allowing yourself to be creative within social media platforms and understanding audience trends can help you create that unique sense of engagement. So go out and give it a try: you may surprise yourself. After all, they do say success comes when you least expect it. 

With that in mind, it’s time to dive right into crafting your own creative social media strategy. If it feels like a daunting task, us at The Business Toolkit would be more than happy to help you craft it. Who knows? Maybe it will be the start of something special.


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