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Three steps to create a great Black History Month campaign

It’s Black History Month! A time to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. And what better way to do that than with a great marketing campaign? In this post, we’ll take a look at BHM’s history and importance, and how to feature it in a successful campaign. Keep reading!

black history month

The history of Black History Month and its importance

It all started in 1976 when President Gerald Ford declared February “Black History Month”. By doing so, he asked Americans to make a conscious effort to learn about the important personalities and milestones that make up Black history. 

Since then, it has evolved into a thirty-day celebration of education and commemoration that looks back on the struggles of African Americans. From Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad to Obama’s election, we take this month to honor all their contributions to our nation and stand in solidarity with this powerful community. 

As the world rapidly changes under our feet, we need to recognize and celebrate those who paved the way for civil rights. To achieve that goal, we need to create a more equitable society where everyone can come together despite our differences. 

Why you should create a marketing campaign for Black History Month?

February is an exciting time for many people who have an appreciation for Black History. This month is a great opportunity to recognize the incredible accomplishments made by African Americans throughout history. So, what better way to celebrate them than to create your marketing campaign? 

With a marketing campaign, you could reach out to the broader community and show them what Black History Month truly means. It’ll be powerful and fun too! Imagine engaging messages that celebrate the achievements of outstanding African Americans. Or, on the other hand, offering discounts and deals which honor these leaders in some way. You’ll get everyone talking, and hopefully, inspire some positive changes in the long run.

Steps to create a great Black History Month campaign

1. Define the goals that you want to achieve with your campaign

Do something this Black History Month that fulfills its true purpose. Make sure that the history, contributions, and cultures of African Americans are celebrated and highlighted! 

Before diving into your campaign, it is important to define the goals that you want to achieve. Do you want to empower your audience? Educate them about significant moments in history. That’s why goal-setting is so vital for success. 

You could create a fun video series or develop engaging content for social media. Whatever strategy you choose, make sure your objectives are clearly defined to have an impactful experience.

2. Research your audience

When it comes to celebrating Black History Month, it’s important to understand who you’re targeting with your campaigning effort. After all, if Black History Month has a special connection to your audience, they’ll be that much more likely to show their support and help make a real difference. 

So, take the time to research them. Find out what they care about and how your content could add valuable context and conversations around those topics. With that knowledge, you can start crafting something awesome for your audience this Black History Month!

3. Create engaging content and come up with creative ways to get your message across

This Black History Month, let’s have some fun! Coming up with creative ways to get your pro-Black message across has never been easier – or more entertaining! 

There are so many ways for you to express your support for the Black community. You can write thought-provoking blogs discussing the achievements of Black people today. Or, on the other hand, create engaging social media posts that link Black artists and creatives to their work, 

It’s time to put a unique spin on leveraging conversation around diversity and inclusion. So, spark up those vibes and liven up this BHM with some fantastic ideas!

How to measure the success of your Black History Month marketing campaign

Celebrating BHM with a successful marketing campaign is a great way to demonstrate your dedication to diversity and inclusion. But have you ever wondered what it takes to measure the success of your efforts? 

Take into account the number of customers reached, social media impressions, web/blog/video views, or website visits. That can give you an idea of how successful your campaign has been. Also, you can delve deeper into engagement on social media posts with analytics and tracking. 

After all, measuring the success of your campaign means understanding the lasting impact it had on its audience. So no matter which metric or metrics you choose to focus on, you’ve got this!

Examples of successful Black History Month marketing campaigns

During BHM in previous years, there have been numerous creative and successful marketing campaigns from various companies. From viral social media campaigns to podcasts, these initiatives demonstrate a genuine dedication to celebrating diverse voices. Also, they commemorate the integral role of African Americans in our country’s history. 

One great example is Nike’s “We Believe In” campaign. It featured videos of powerful athletes like LeBron James and was a huge success. The videos alone were viewed over 8 million times. 

Also, Apple Music put together an incredibly impressive series of editorial interviews. Those included well-known artists like Mary J. Blige and Common, and were delivered on their “Black History Is Now” platform. 


From creating timelines to utilizing influencers, there are many ways to create an engaging and effective Black History Month marketing campaign. It’s important to connect with the community, be creative, and have fun. By doing so, you’ll help your campaign stand out and reach a wider audience. 

Ultimately, this is a great way to show support for the African-American community. Also, it’s a way to engage with customers on a different level. It’s no secret that building authentic relationships is essential for any business’s success. That’s why this is one of the many ways that you can enjoyably do this during Black History Month. 

So, don’t hesitate, and begin planning for your unique BHM campaign today! If you need help or inspiration doing it, reach out to us at The Business Toolkit.  After all, February may already be here, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching greater heights within the ever-growing celebration of Black History Month.


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