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Where Twitter found its new X logo and their new exciting features

Twitter has made a big change to its look, including a new logo and website address. Users are now wondering how this will affect their experience on the platform. Elon Musk, the person behind this change, says it’s a significant move, turning Twitter into a more powerful global platform, not just for communication. He mentioned that the new logo might not be final and there could be more changes in the future.

Twitter has changed its branding a lot

This has left users curious about how it will affect their time on the platform. They’re wondering why the well-known bird logo is now an ‘X,’ and this makes them question if the word “tweet” still fits without the bird image.

If the logo doesn’t have the bird anymore, the things people do and share on the platform might not be called “tweets” anymore. When someone asked Elon Musk about this, he simply replied:

Tweets to X's


Twitter’s logo has been rebranded.

The change in the logo has caused a mix of different reactions. As expected, many users don’t like the rebrand and prefer the old blue bird logo instead of the new ‘X’ logo. Some users have mentioned that the new logo looks similar to other ‘X’ logos.

Tom Warren from The Verge clarified that the new Twitter logo is actually a copy of the ‘x’ glyph from Special Alphabets 4 and not the X Windows logo as many users initially thought.

special 4 characters

Elon Musk hasn’t clearly mentioned the exact inspiration behind the new logo, which has led to a lot of speculation. However, he did mention that he likes the letter X and thinks it should have an Art Deco style, just before announcing the logo.

Some users have commented that the new logo “looks like a close button when used in context.” Others have pointed out that it resembles the Lidl version of Lynx Africa, a well-known deodorant brand that also features the letter X in its logo.


The new app has exciting features:

“Creator Payments.” Now, content creators can start earning money without needing a subscription button or reaching a certain number of views per month. They become eligible for payment as soon as they request creator verification.

Twitter is also working on another interesting service that lets you get paid for visits to your profile. This means that every time someone visits a creator’s profile, it could potentially earn them money.

The bookmark feature, loved for saving tweets, will now smoothly blend with the timeline. This lets users access their saved content instantly without going to a separate bookmarks section, making the experience smoother.

Twitter is also making big strides in video capabilities. They are actively working on their SmartTV app, showing their ambition to become a major player in the video content space.

CEO Elon Musk has shared exciting changes that will reshape the user experience on the platform. One of these changes is related to how we address our loyal audience. Instead of calling them “followers,” Elon Musk suggests using the term “viewers.” This new term better reflects the dynamic nature of interactions on the platform.

Color changes

Elon Musk plans to change Twitter’s default color from white to bold black. This will give the platform a unique and fresh appearance, going beyond just visuals.

The introduction of the black background, along with the new dark logo, creates a completely different atmosphere on Twitter. This means that Twitter is going through a significant transformation. The change in colors represents a departure from the past and marks the beginning of a new era for this big social media platform.


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