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Easy Steps for Creating a Brand for Your Product

Branding isn’t just slapping a logo on your product: it’s about creating an emotional connection between customers and your brand. If you want to get the same recognition as big brands, keep reading to learn how to properly brand your product.

Steps to properly brand a product

1. Brainstorm creative ideas

When it comes to generating creative ideas, there’s no better start than with a whiteboard session. Let your brand-awareness superpower take over and let the ideas flow. 

At first, you may feel like it’s impossible to brand a product uniquely. However, if you let yourself go into dreamland and explore the possibilities with your team, you’ll be amazed by what comes out of it. Chalk up those walls with plenty of colorful sketches, create brand stories, and hone in on smart concepts. It can be a fun process.

Also, have faith that you’ll make something click together and get out of your comfort zone to make that something truly special. So grab some colorful markers and let that creative energy loose.

2. Choose a name for your product

Choosing a brand name for your product is not as easy as it sounds. The right name can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s essential to give your brand identity, personality, and meaning. 

With an effective brand name, customers can recognize easily what you are selling. Also, it will deliver a catchy message that convinces them to buy your product. It’s almost like creating an exciting story. So, get creative: your brand’s success could depend on it.

3. Develop a look and feel – identify colors, fonts, shapes, and symbols that help tell the story of your product

Branding is no game, but with the right colors, fonts, shapes, and symbols you can make it feel like one. It’s all about creating a look and a feel that tells your product’s story by considering things like branding messages and identity. 

When customers read your branding they should immediately recognize and feel some kind of connection with your product. So, get creative in choosing the elements that will set you apart. Dare to be different by playing around with color palettes, font choices, shapes, and even adding whimsical illustrations to make the branding truly stand out. Have fun while expressing who you are. After all, branding needs to look good enough to have success.

4. Choose a logo – pick something memorable yet simple enough to stand out in the crowd

Choosing the right logo for your brand is no easy task. It has to be memorable yet simple enough to stand out from the crowd. You don’t want something too plain or dull but also not so intricate that it confuses people or becomes forgettable. 

After careful consideration, you can find something special to brand your product and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. So, embrace the challenge and have some fun with it.

5. Create slogans/taglines for your product

Everyone knows the value of a good tagline or slogan. It’s one of those crucial phrases that sums up exactly what your product is about, and helps to create an emotional connection between your customer and the service you offer. A great slogan not only tells customers why you’re better than the competition but also engages them in an imaginative, playful way that resonates both consciously and subconsciously. When done right, it can transform mundane products into memorable ones! Taglines go beyond just being catchy; they are real tools that allow customers to experience and remember your brand in unique ways, so getting creative with these slogans can pay off – and who doesn’t like having a little fun while doing it?

6. Utilize social media platforms to promote your product – make sure you understand the different strengths each platform has

If you’re looking to promote your product, getting savvy with social media is your best bet. Each platform brings its unique strengths, so understanding which one will be the most impactful for branding your business is key. 

Doing your research to understand a platform and the type of content shared on it takes time. However, considering how much more reach you can get for far less than traditional advertisements, it’s worth it. So, don’t be afraid to branch out. Just make sure to utilize each platform intentionally and creatively for maximum success.

7. Think about sponsorships or partnerships to increase brand visibility

If you’re looking to spread your brand’s message far and wide, you’d be fooling yourself if you didn’t consider sponsorships or partnerships. After all, the more folks that will have a chance to get familiar with your product, the better. Right?

Not only do these help increase brand visibility but building relationships with other businesses has its benefits too. Whether it’s a pro-athlete sporting your logo or an industry event taking place in town, this could be the key to unlocking dozens of new opportunities for your business. So why not give it a go? Who knows what incredible collaborations are out there waiting to be discovered?


All in all, branding a product can be a daunting task. When done right, however, it can be extremely rewarding. Having an effective strategy on how to come up with a logo and other visuals will pay off. And the same goes for creating an identity for the product that contributes to not just recognition but also customer loyalty. 

Us at The Business Toolkit have years of experience in the area, and if you’re looking for help with this, reach out to us and we’ll create the perfect brand for you together. 

Finally, don’t forget to stay true to the company’s mission and values when creating brand visuals and developing other marketing content. By doing so,  customers know exactly what they are getting into when engaging with the brand. Branding a product doesn’t have to be intimidating. Instead, take this opportunity to let your creativity shine. Have fun designing something unique that speaks true to the values of your company.


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