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5 International Women’s Day Marketing Ideas 

5 International Women’s Day Marketing Ideas

As more brands catch on to the revenue potential from IWD, just having products geared toward women is no longer enough.

To really steal the show, it’s essential to ace two key areas — your product and your marketing.

1. Launch a Competition

There are so many opportunities here! Launching a competition will help generate buzz about your brand and your products, and it will also help create a bank of user-generated content that you can use (with permission) throughout the rest of the year.

Keep the competition relevant to your product and your brand. From there, the possibilities are endless for competitions you could run:

  • What’s an unconventional way to use your product?
  • How many orders has your top customer purchased from you?
  • How tall can you make a stack of your products?
  • Can you make any new recipes with your products?


There are so many options with this marketing tactic. See what kind of social content your competitors (or even your loyal customers) are posting, and learn from what resonates with your target audience. Create a specific hashtag to accompany the promotion, and you’ve just created a bank of UGC.

2. Create a Product Bundle or Gift Basket

Depending on your niche, you might not even need to create a brand-new product line for International Women’s Day.

All you really need is some creativity and an ad budget.

Simply repackage your existing products into offers catering to the wants and needs of your target customers who identify as female.

For example, say you sell hair care products, you could offer a free detangling brush with every product. Or, if you sell skin creams and face masks, you could create bundling around goals or feelings your target user wants to achieve like “relaxation,” “reenergizing,” and “reset”.

Additionally, you can create “gift baskets” or bundles with decorative wrapping, and potentially sell it for even more per item, again increasing that AOV. It’s not just about grouping products. It’s about grouping them together in a way that people want them.

3. Refresh an Email Marketing Campaign

Another great way to get your audience engaged is through a tailored email marketing campaign. For maximum conversions, combine education, entertainment, and purchase opportunities.

To get started, here are some ideas you can incorporate into your email marketing for International Women’s Day:

  • Take your email subscribers on a fun ride acknowledging the bravery, leadership, and pioneering work of women past and present.
  • Provide exclusive discounts and promos to your list to celebrate the big day.
  • Share “day in the life” content to shine the light on your female staff and acknowledge their contribution.
  • Ask your community who is on their list of inspirational women and share answers on social media.


Make sure your content is authentic. Only post content uplifting women if it reflects your company’s core values and internal practices. Shoppers can sniff out phony brand messaging a mile away!

4. Customize Content Across Your Website & Social Media

A great way to drum up excitement and encourage people to hit “buy” is to spread the word about Women’s Day on your website and social channels.

People lead busy lives. It’s easy to forget events that aren’t as big as Christmas, Boxing Day, etc. Your content will act as a friendly nudge to encourage consumers who want to celebrate Women’s Day to start shopping and learn more about this global event.

Here are some fun ways you can inform and remind shoppers of the big event:

  • Create a dedicated landing page highlighting what International Women’s Day is all about.
  • Craft blog, image, and video content about International Women’s Day and market it with paid ads and social media.
  • Share special messages from your social media followers and email subscribers to their loved ones.
  • Optimize your product pages and banners with a “Happy International Women’s Day” or “Happy Women’s History Month” message.
  • Create flash sales and limited-time promos using a code that is unique to this event.

5. Create New Video Content

Video marketing is on the rise. With channels like TikTok and Instagram reels, algorithms prefer video content. It can be both labor- and capital-intensive to create this kind of content.

To maximize the impact of your video content, focus on creating short, attention-grabbing videos that resonate with your target audience. Incorporate storytelling, humor, or educational elements to capture viewers’ interest and encourage sharing. Additionally, consider repurposing existing content into video format to streamline the production process and make the most of your resources. By prioritizing video content creation, you can stay ahead of the curve and connect with your audience in a dynamic and compelling way.


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