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Do I Need a Separate Facebook Page for Business?

Facebook continues to be a frontrunner for attracting customers – 79% of Facebook monthly users are active daily. While opportunities are plentiful, changes happen often, which adds more confusion to your search for the right answers.

Choosing whether or not to have a separate Facebook Page for business depends on how you define your business and its goals.


Each of the following types of businesses have specific Facebook goals, with some overlap:

  • Salesperson: build a relationship network, become a trusted authority, increase referrals and ultimately close deals.
  • Entrepreneur: similar goals to a salesperson but “closing deals” could have different connotations (such as e-commerce, startups or app developers) for which different strategies would be used.
  • Business that sells to consumers (B2C): establish awareness and build interest in the brand, build a community with the ultimate goal of converting fans into customers.
  • Business that sells to other businesses (B2B): similar to B2C and there’s a short list of very specific strategies that work for B2B on Facebook, which begins with knowing where your customers spend time.
  • Non-Profit: build awareness, interest and even passion for your cause, foster advocacy, and increase donations.

It’s important to understand what your goals are first before venturing out onto any marketing platform. Define your business objectives and always put strategy before tactics.

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Facebook for a Business

Marketing a business on Facebook requires a “Business Page.” It’s actually against Facebook’s Term of Service to have a personal profile for a business, so don’t make the mistake of using a Personal Profile for a business. You wouldn’t want to do that anyway because Personal Profiles don’t have the benefit of Facebook ads, which you’ll definitely need in order to promote your business.

You will however, need a Personal Profile in order to act as Admin on your Business Page. All Facebook Business Pages are run through personal accounts and this is confusing for beginners.

It’s best to create an “administrative” Facebook personal account to administrate your Business Page. Why? Because I’ve seen too often where business owners have left the social media up to someone, that person is no longer working for them, and then they’re unable access their own page.


Pro Tip for Facebook page logins

When creating a personal account with which to run your Business Page, always use an email address with your company’s domain name, such as This tactic gives you complete control over your page and who has access to it because you own your domain and it email. Once you’ve got your Business Page created, then add trusted users as Admins on your page (you can change or delete them anytime).

Do we need a Facebook page if we sell to businesses?

I recommend a Facebook Business Page for every business. Your business will be found in Facebook search by your customers. But pay attention to what they’ll find there – make sure it’s not a ghost town because it presents a perception that you don’t care.

An assessment should be done when your customers are other businesses. The foremost question to answer is: “Are our target customers on Facebook?”

It’s always important to have a presence on Facebook for any business, and it’s important to determine how much of your resources to devote to Facebook if your target audience doesn’t spend a lot of time there.

Key benefits of having a Facebook business page

Social media marketing involves planning and time to execute, so it’s worth a deeper look to understand why you should Facebook as a business tool. Facebook business pages provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced online presence
  • Direct customer engagement
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Analytics and insights
  • Access to a wider audience
  • Business credibility
  • Personalized social outreach
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) boost

Enhanced online presence

Many customers now expect businesses to have a Facebook page. Many want to communicate through Facebook Messenger. They want to comment on something you’ve posted and expect a reply. Today, a multi-pronged online presence is a necessity.

Direct customer engagement

Direct engagement is the number one benefit of a Facebook business page. Social media platforms are designed to make interaction easy, and that’s true for both personal and business goals. Foster stronger relationships with your potential customers to bring them along the customer journey.

Not only can you comment and direct message your customers, but you can also share your values, expertise, and unique sales proposition. You can highlight what makes your company stand out by regularly appearing in targeted news feeds


Cost-effective marketing

A Facebook business page doesn’t cost a thing. It’s completely free — but you can still spend a good percentage of your marketing budget there. To grow your business page’s following, consider adding Facebook ads as you learn how to develop a social media strategy.

With Facebook ads, you only pay when people see or click on your ad. They are the most cost-effective when you can narrow down the kind of audience you want to reach. That’s why putting thought into your target market is so important. Hone in on the most essential demographics through Facebook ad targeting.

Analytics and insights

Once you learn how to start a Facebook business page, you’ll have access to an impressive insights dashboard. Facebook crunches the numbers for you, providing data to show you the trends of people who visit your site and interact with your posts. You can also see the demographics of those who click on your ads.

This is helpful as you refine your approach to using Facebook for business. You’ll get real-time insights into what resonates and what can be improved. After all, social media marketing plans, like all marketing strategies, are subject to change as you learn over time.

Access to a wider audience

Remember those three billion people who have Facebook accounts? It’s possible for your target audience — or even a tenth of them — to be introduced to your brand for the first time via Facebook. This is done by what’s known as word-of-mouth marketing. Many people trust the recommendations of friends, family, and even strangers more than paid advertisements. In social media terms, word-of-mouth marketing means seeing shares, comments, follows, etc. organically in a user’s Facebook feed or inbox. When you leverage Facebook in your marketing strategy, you benefit from this organic outreach.

Business credibility

People expect businesses to have a Facebook business page. Likewise, when they search for you on Google, they expect your social media platforms to appear. Some customers are so used to interacting with friends on Facebook that they prefer to interact with businesses there, too. Meeting your customers where they are gives you credibility — and makes you more likely to earn their business.

Personalized social outreach

Facebook allows you to truly personalize your interactions with people who want to form a deeper connection with your business. For example, Aaron always replied to the people who would comment on his photos. He could check personal profiles for locations in order to share upcoming events they cared most about. Even knowing everyone’s name is a step toward better personalization.

SEO boost

Which site do people use even more than Facebook? Google, of course. Yet the two connect when your Facebook business page comes up in an organic Google search. When you integrate well-researched keywords into your social media profile, you’ll reap SEO benefits on search engines, too.

When learning how to promote your Facebook page, start the same way you would with a business website. Always focus on your audience so they can find you when they search on and off Facebook.

Get started with your social media marketing strategy today and boost your ROI

The benefits of a Facebook business page include a more robust online presence and the ability to interact on a meaningful level with current and potential customers. Over time, that focus on personalized attention for your customer base is sure to pay off.

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