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I Have A New Logo .. Now What?

So, you started a business and things are going well. You have a business name, an idea for your product or service, and most importantly, a logo.

Congratulations! Having an awesome logo is a big achievement for any business owner or entrepreneur.


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As you see your sleek, colorful, and well-designed logo on your computer screen, you feel proud. But you might also be wondering, “What should I do with my new logo?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure out what to do with your logo after the design process. Having a great logo is important, but it’s how you use it that will have a real impact on your business.

Get the right logo files

First things first, let’s talk about what it means to have a logo. Simply getting a JPEG file from your designer won’t be enough.

When you have a logo designed, make sure you ask your designer for different versions and formats of the design. You’ll need different types of files for different purposes in your business. For example, you’ll need a different file to give to a print company that’s making your corporate merchandise, compared to what your web developer needs for your website header. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on a project or deadline just because you didn’t have the right logo format.

Once you’ve approved your logo design, ask your designer for:

Here are the different files and formats you should ask your designer for:

A web-preview version (JPG or PNG)
An editable file (usually Adobe Illustrator or EPS)
A vector file (usually Adobe Illustrator or EPS) in both CMYK (for print) and RGB (for digital screens) colors


If you have a graphic logo, consider requesting a version without the text.
Getting all the necessary files and formats right from the beginning will save you a lot of time, effort, and future troubles. By having all the files upfront, you’ll always have exactly what you need for any purpose you have in mind for your logo.

What to do with your logo

Now that you have all the files and formats, let’s discuss where you can use your fantastic new logo.

Think of your logo as the face of your business. It’s the first thing you want your audience to see and remember about you and your products or services. The more you use your logo, the more recognizable it will become to your audience.

Let’s explore some places where you should showcase your logo.

In the digital realm, it’s crucial to showcase your fancy new logo. Nowadays, most people interact with brands online.


Give your logo the spotlight on your website.

Place it prominently in the header, and if it suits your design, consider having a sticky header. This way, as your audience scrolls down the website, the logo will stay visible, accompanying them throughout their journey.


website header with logo
website header with logo

Social Media
Ensure that your logo is present on all your social media profiles.

Given the excessive amount of time people spend on social media (the average smartphone user visits the Facebook app or website over 13 times a day), you want your logo to catch their attention whenever they scroll through their feed.

Logo on Social media accounts
Logo on Social media accounts


If your brand has its own app, make sure to incorporate your logo into the app icon. This way, your audience will see your logo every time they glance at their phone.

Printed materials are another opportunity to showcase your logo.

Business Cards


When someone receives your business card, it’s often their first impression of you and your business.

Ensure that your logo is prominently displayed on your business card, making it the first thing they see when they take it out to get in touch.

Marketing Brochures
Marketing brochures are a valuable way to provide more information about your company to your audience.

Include your logo on the front cover and in the corners of every page to familiarize them with your brand. Remember, always be marketing (ABM)!

Remember, it’s important to include your logo on all printed materials. Print materials provide a tangible way to connect your brand with your ideal customers. Take advantage of this branding opportunity by proudly displaying your logo.

Promotional items, also known as swag, can be a great way to boost brand recognition and loyalty, depending on your business model. Everyone loves free stuff, right?

You can personalize various items with your logo to create gifts that your audience will appreciate, such as pens, coffee mugs, race bags, t-shirts, stickers, and phone cases. If you can think of it, chances are you can brand it.

By including your logo-mark on every page and in prominent locations, you’re making your audience more familiar with your brand. This exposure helps reinforce your branding efforts.

In summary, ensure that your printed materials proudly display your logo. They offer a valuable opportunity to put your brand directly in the hands of your target customers. So make the most of print as a branding tool and showcase your awesome logo.


vehicle wraps
Logo on vehicle wraps

Consider getting a large decal featuring your logo for your office lobby. You can also get one for your car, providing free advertising as you drive around town!


Billboard banner design

Pull-up banners are perfect for larger events or expos as they effectively catch people’s attention.

Spread the Word

Collaborating with a designer to create a remarkable logo is just the first step. To truly harness the impact of your carefully crafted logo, it’s up to you to utilize it.

Embrace every opportunity to showcase your logo. The more you expose it, the more your logo will actively work for you, attracting the right audience. So, don’t hold back—get it out there!

For additional branding tips and insights on brand identity, explore these articles. If you’re interested in more logo design advice, learn how to design a logo here.


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