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4 Lessons We Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

As the pinnacle of sporting excitement for the year, the Super Bowl transcends mere competition—it’s an unparalleled platform for brands to showcase their products and services to a vast audience. Each year, corporations invest millions for a scant 30 seconds of airtime during this iconic event. Yet, these commercials aren’t merely about selling; they’re also a canvas for storytelling and stirring emotions.

While audiences nationwide eagerly await the game and the amusement of the commercials, marketers seek fresh insights and a glimpse into the strategies of other major players. What lessons can we glean from these fleeting moments? Turns out, quite a bit, and we are here to dissect it all for you!

Emotions wield immense influence.

Super Bowl ads excel at stirring deep feelings in audiences, be it nostalgia, joy, or sorrow. Their success lies in forging emotional bonds with viewers, fostering brand loyalty. To craft effective marketing plans, we must similarly engage our audience’s emotions, leaving a lasting impact.

Storytelling is KEY

Super Bowl commercials excel at narrative storytelling, drawing audiences into captivating journeys where they feel immersed in the tale. These ads maintain viewer interest right through to the conclusion. When devising our marketing campaigns, we should emulate this approach, crafting messages that resonate as stories, compelling our audience to invest in our product or service.

Keep it Simple

Super Bowl ads are straightforward and uncomplicated, delivering a clear and easily understandable message to viewers. They succinctly communicate the value proposition of the product or service. In our own marketing endeavors, it’s crucial to maintain simplicity and clarity in our messaging to avoid losing the attention of our audience.

Humor Works

Super Bowl ads are renowned for their utilization of humor, as a cleverly crafted joke can leave a lasting impact on viewers. Humor serves as a means to foster a positive connection with our brand and aids in message retention. Humor comes with its risks. If executed poorly, it can have a detrimental effect and deter viewers. Hence, when integrating humor into our marketing tactics, it’s imperative to ensure it’s tasteful, suitable, and consistent with our brand identity and message.

Visual are important


Super Bowl ads captivate with their visually striking presentations. From vibrant colors to captivating graphics and photography, these visuals are meticulously designed to command attention. We can take inspiration from this approach by integrating visually striking elements into our own marketing campaigns. This ensures that our message stands out and remains memorable to our audience.



Reflecting on Some of the Greatest Super Bowl Advertisements

Every year, Super Bowl commercials up the ante, aiming to leave a lasting impression on millions of viewers. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of the best Super Bowl ads from years past.

1. APPLE’S “1984” (1984)

This iconic ad promoting Apple’s Macintosh personal computer stands as a testament to the power of great storytelling. Directed by Ridley Scott, the commercial depicted a dystopian future and was played during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII. The ad left viewers intrigued, showing them that Apple was a company that dared to think differently.

2. ALWAYS’ “#LIKEAGIRL” (2015)

This thought-provoking ad challenged the notion of doing something “like a girl” as an insult. Always turned the phrase on its head, empowering young girls and showing that doing things ‘Like A Girl’ was something strong and positive. The ad was praised for its emotional and inspiring messaging, demonstrating the effectiveness of emotionally connecting with the audience.


Showcasing America’s diversity, Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” was a powerful ad that featured “America the Beautiful” sung in multiple languages. The ad was celebrated for promoting unity and inclusivity, while reminding us of the importance of visual storytelling and taking risks.

Every one of these advertisements reinforces the principles we’ve gleaned from Super Bowl marketing – the potency of emotions, storytelling, clarity, humor, and compelling visuals. As we anticipate forthcoming Super Bowl commercials, let’s persist in drawing inspiration from these unforgettable ads.


Incorporating Super Bowl Insights into Your 2024 Marketing Approach

As we reminisce over these iconic Super Bowl advertisements and the valuable insights they provide, now is the ideal moment to contemplate integrating these core principles into your 2024 marketing strategy.


Harness Emotional Connections

Emotions wield significant influence. Whether evoking nostalgia  joy, or surprise with a well designed logo and website, and establishing a heartfelt connection with your audience can foster robust brand allegiance. In 2024, prioritizing a well crafted brand that resonate emotionally with your target demographic.

Narrate a story

Storytelling is paramount for maintaining audience interest and engagement. Your marketing strategy stands to gain immensely from astute storytelling, guiding your audience on a journey that ignites their interest in your product or service. Ponder upon how your brand’s narrative can be conveyed in an enthralling manner.

Simplicity is Effective

Amidst a deluge of information, simplicity shines through. As you strategize for 2024, prioritize crafting marketing messages that are clear, succinct, and adeptly convey your value proposition.

Employ Humor Carefully

Amidst a deluge of information, simplicity shines through. As you strategize for 2024, prioritize crafting marketing messages that are clear, succinct, and adeptly convey your value proposition.


Make it Visual

Utilizing visually captivating elements within your campaign can elevate your message, making it more conspicuous and memorable. Consider integrating vibrant colors, striking graphics, or compelling photography into your advertisements.

By embracing these principles, your 2024 marketing strategy can embody the insights gleaned from years of unforgettable Super Bowl ads.




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