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Top lessons from Lacoste Instagram Marketing Strategy

Renowned for its iconic green crocodile logo and premium sportswear, Lacoste has earned a prominent position in the fashion industry, largely owing to its savvy marketing approach. This blog delves deep into Lacoste’s Instagram Marketing Strategy.

In the digital era, social media stands as a crucial tool for businesses to connect with their target audience, and Lacoste has capitalized on this opportunity with a robust Instagram strategy.

Within this case study, we scrutinize how Lacoste leverages Instagram to bolster brand recognition, foster customer engagement, and boost sales. We meticulously dissect various facets of their strategy, including the presentation of visually captivating content, utilization of influencer marketing, integration of shoppable posts, and active engagement with their follower base. Through an in-depth analysis of Lacoste’s Instagram Marketing strategy, we extract valuable insights on how brands can effectively harness this platform to attain their marketing objectives.

With no further delay, let’s plunge into Lacoste’s Instagram Marketing strategy and unravel the secrets behind its remarkable success.


About Lacoste

Lacoste, a French apparel company renowned for its top-tier sportswear, particularly its iconic polo shirts, boasts a rich legacy spanning over 85 years as a globally acclaimed fashion brand.

In the contemporary digital landscape, marked by extensive social media usage, Lacoste has adeptly harnessed this opportunity to expand its outreach and foster customer interactions. Among the array of platforms at its disposal, Instagram stands out as a prominent choice for Lacoste.

In this blog section, we will take a closer look at Lacoste Instagram Marketing strategy. Moreover to see how it has helped the company increase its brand awareness and customer engagement.


Here’s a concise summary of Lacoste’s Instagram Marketing Strategy:

1. Collaborations with Influencers
2. Exceptional Visual Content
3. Content Variety
4. Timely Content Delivery
5. Incorporation of Shoppable Posts
6. Harnessing User-Generated Content
7. Strategic Use of Hashtags

Lacoste Instagram Marketing Strategy

Lacoste’s collaborations with influencers have proven to be a successful tactic for enhancing brand recognition, boosting sales, and fostering meaningful interactions with their Instagram followers. Through strategic partnerships with influencers who resonate with Lacoste’s values and style, the brand has reaped substantial rewards. Leveraging the reach and credibility of these influencers, Lacoste has effectively nurtured trust among its audience.

Furthermore, these influencer collaborations have facilitated heightened engagement on the platform. When influencers showcase Lacoste’s products in their posts, their followers are more inclined to actively engage with the content. Consequently, this engagement serves to amplify the brand’s visibility on Instagram.


Founded in 1933 by tennis legend René Lacoste, the French brand boasts a profound connection to the sport, and its iconic crocodile emblem is a universally recognized symbol on tennis courts across the globe. Presently, Lacoste’s dedication to tennis remains unwavering, with enduring partnerships with top players continuing to propel its prosperity.

Lacoste’s steadfast focus on tennis has proven to be a triumphant strategy, firmly establishing its standing as a high-end fashion icon while preserving its deep-rooted connection to the sport that catapulted it to fame.

The brand’s collaborations with elite athletes have significantly bolstered sales of its tennis apparel and footwear, renowned for their excellence in the industry. Lacoste’s tennis collections are meticulously crafted to blend performance and style, catering to players of all skill levels.

Moreover, Lacoste’s concentration on tennis has contributed to the elevation of its overall brand image. Tennis embodies qualities of sophistication, athleticism, and triumph, all of which resonate with Lacoste’s core values. By aligning itself with tennis, Lacoste has effectively reinforced its identity as a premium brand synonymous with both fashion and performance.

2. High-Quality Visuals


Lacoste’s adept utilization of top-notch visuals stands as a triumphant strategy, instrumental in cultivating a robust online presence and forging meaningful connections with its intended audience. By maintaining a steady stream of visually captivating content that harmonizes seamlessly with its brand essence and presenting its products in an enticing manner, Lacoste has effectively engaged its followers and solidified a compelling brand identity on Instagram.


lacoste social media posts

Through the presentation of its products in aesthetically pleasing environments and via innovative compositions, the brand effectively captures the gaze of its audience and stimulates curiosity among its followers. This approach has played a pivotal role in fostering trust and establishing credibility with its audience, concurrently spotlighting the brand’s dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail.


3. Type of Content

Lacoste’s Instagram profile primarily centers around lifestyle content, encompassing their most recent collections, partnerships with other brands, and their roster of brand advocates. A notable portion of their content is dedicated to sports, notably tennis. The brand has cultivated partnerships with esteemed tennis players such as Novak Djokovic, Gustavo Kuerten, and Dominic Thiem, among others. Additionally, Instagram Stories serve as a platform for promoting their latest collections, providing exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, and featuring their brand ambassadors. Lacoste also incorporates brief videos into their content, comprising animated graphics and instructional guides, all geared towards engaging their audience effectively.

Through content that is exceptionally visual, Lacoste skillfully exhibits its iconic logo, chic clothing, and accessories. The brand also employs the art of storytelling to present its latest collections, shedding light on the inspirations that underlie the designs and the meticulous craftsmanship invested in crafting each item. These narrative methods cultivate an emotional rapport with the audience, consequently stimulating engagement and nurturing brand loyalty.


Now, where does Lacoste witness the greatest level of engagement?

Our examination reveals that their most thriving posts are those that spotlight top-tier visuals, including product imagery and fashion editorials. Remarkably, these posts frequently amass thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. In the realm of content, Lacoste’s audience exhibits the highest engagement with posts linked to tennis, a logical outcome considering the brand’s enduring association with the sport. Similarly, posts featuring their renowned crocodile logo and those showcasing their timeless designs also garner significant engagement.

4. Right Content at the Right Time

Lacoste maintains an active presence across multiple social media platforms, encompassing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In our pursuit of a more comprehensive grasp of their posting routine, we conducted an analysis of their Instagram account, boasting a substantial following of over 6 million. Our findings unveiled that Lacoste consistently shares content nearly every day, typically averaging 5-6 posts each week.

Moving to the timing, Lacoste tends to post during peak hours when their followers are most active. According to our analysis, their posts are most commonly published between 7-11am (PST). This makes sense, as these times coincide with typical commuting hours and evening leisure time. However, they do occasionally post outside of these hours, with some posts appearing as early as 1 am.

As previously noted, Lacoste maintains a posting frequency of approximately 5-6 times per week. This rhythm strikes a harmonious equilibrium, ensuring they remain in the forefront of their audience’s thoughts while avoiding excessive content saturation. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that this posting cadence isn’t rigid and may fluctuate in response to upcoming events, product debuts, or strategic marketing campaigns.

5. Shoppable Posts

Lacoste’s incorporation of shoppable posts stands as a potent strategy that has yielded fruitful results, boosting sales, elevating user satisfaction, and cultivating customer loyalty on Instagram. The integration of shoppable posts on Instagram has proven highly effective in driving sales, concurrently enhancing the overall user journey. Shoppable posts, a prominent feature on Instagram, empower users to make direct purchases within the platform, eliminating the necessity to navigate to the brand’s website—an approach that further contributes to the upswing in sales.


Lacoste has also experienced an uptick in sales on Instagram through the utilization of shoppable posts. By offering a streamlined pathway for followers to acquire their products, the brand effectively harnesses the substantial engagement it has cultivated on the platform.


6. User – Generated Content

Lacoste’s user-generated content strategy is an effective way to build a sense of community, increase brand awareness, and encourage engagement with followers on Instagram. By showcasing the creativity and diversity of its followers, Lacoste demonstrates the versatility of its products and builds a positive reputation on the platform. Lacoste encourages its followers to create and share content featuring its products, using branded hashtags such as #LacosteStyle or #LacosteLive. The brand then reposts this content on its own Instagram feed, showcasing the diversity and creativity of its followers and demonstrating the versatility of its products.

Lacoste user generated content


7. Use of Hashtags


Mastering the art of effective hashtag usage hinges on understanding the right balance. Excessive hashtags can give off a spammy impression, while an insufficient number may fall short of broadening your reach. Lacoste has adeptly struck a harmonious equilibrium in their hashtag deployment, typically incorporating 5-10 hashtags in each post.

Nevertheless, the frequency of their hashtag usage does fluctuate, contingent upon the type of post. Notably, their promotional posts for products often feature a more extensive array of hashtags compared to their lifestyle or brand awareness posts. This divergence is likely attributed to the goal of product promotion posts, aiming to cast a wider net to attract potential customers, while lifestyle posts prioritize fostering engagement with their existing follower base.


Lacoste hashtags


Beyond the utilization of general hashtags like #fashion or #style, Lacoste effectively employs branded hashtags in their social media posts. A branded hashtag is a unique tag specific to your brand, serving as a promotional tool across social platforms. Lacoste’s branded hashtag, #Lacoste, enjoys frequent usage in many of their posts.

Branded hashtags play a pivotal role in enhancing brand recognition and stimulating user-generated content. When users incorporate your branded hashtag into their own posts, it serves as a conduit for promoting your brand to their respective follower bases. Lacoste consistently encourages their audience to employ their branded hashtag, seamlessly integrating it into post captions and featuring it in their own content. Here are some of their prominent hashtags:


Lacoste Instagram hashtags


Wrapping it Up

Brands seeking to bolster their Instagram presence can draw valuable insights from Lacoste’s Instagram strategy. It’s paramount to comprehend your target audience’s preferences and expectations on the platform. Brands should prioritize crafting visually captivating content and fostering engagement with their followers through strategies such as influencer collaborations, shoppable posts, and active interaction. By adhering to these principles, brands can position themselves as industry leaders on Instagram and realize their marketing objectives.

In summary, Lacoste’s Instagram Marketing strategy has yielded significant success, effectively amplifying brand recognition, fostering customer engagement, and driving sales. The brand’s visually enticing content, adept influencer marketing, integration of shoppable posts, and consistent follower engagement have all played pivotal roles in this achievement. By consistently delivering top-tier content and actively engaging their audience, Lacoste has cemented its stature as a frontrunner in the fashion industry on Instagram.


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