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How Your Logos Can Affect the Customer’s Perception of Your Brand?

Companies are recognized by more than just their name; they can be defined by color. Think of green and you may think of John Deer. The color Pullman Brown is known for UPS. Even my son knows Mary Kay by the pink cars that they drive. Logos for a business are one of the best branding tools that you can use. The Nike Swoosh is one of the most identified logos in America. There were even commercials where a chip company took their logo out of the commercial and yet everyone knew what the logo was supposed to be. Board games have been created about identifying known logos. If you operate a business, you need the right logo for your brand.

Choose your color with understanding—not just favoritism

Many small companies do not have years of marketing behind them and need to have a logo that will stand out and bring consumers to your market. The color of your logo can have a major impact on what people think. 95% of the top one hundred brands only use one or two colors. This simplistic thinking actually allows people to associate colors with a brand. The right color will actually matter. There are hundreds of colors to use, but knowing what one is critical. The top color in creating logos for business is blue. The second is red, and the list goes all the way down to yellow and gold being the least used. So what do people think about when they see certain colors? Blue is a relaxing color and reminds people of the sky or the ocean; it is associated with trust and security. Blue is a confident color. Red is a passionate color that can be aggressive or energetic and attention grabbing. Purple is a sophisticated color and also is nostalgic, mysterious, and spiritual. No matter what color you choose for your logo for a business, there are various shades of each to choose from.

Words matter but typography also matters in logos for a business

The wording in your logos for a business is important but also the typography of the wording is equally important. When looking at graphic design typography is thought to be the art of arranging a message in a readable and aesthetically pleasing composition. Each font can have a different effect on what people see on your logo Serif Fonts depict being traditional and professional. San Serif can demonstrate crisp and modern. Handwriting fonts can be friendly and approachable. Memes and pictures can also be part of the font of your logo. Many logos have a combination of fonts.

If your logo for a business includes an image, ensure it represents you now and in the future

When using an image as part of the logo you will need to research your image to ensure that it will connect to the audience that you are wanting to bring to your product. The image should not be a clip art and should be something original. Think about the image and what it portrays now and in the future. Currently with the cancel culture being so active it is important to get this right to ensure that it is not misconstrued in the future. When done right, this logo can represent your company without having to even name your company, but this will take time. Apple has not used its name on its brands for years, it is just the picture. Starbucks also has removed its name from many of its products and it is just the logo picture. There is a benefit of designing the right logo picture.

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